Breed At A Glance: Chihuahua



    • Lifespan: 14-16 years
    • Size: Small (up to 3 kilograms)
    • Maintenance Level: Medium
    • Shed Level: Average
    • Temperament: Loyal, Protective, Energetic
    • Friendliness: High with familiar people
    • Barking Tendency: High
    • Coat Types: Long-haired and short-haired; "apple head" and "deer head" skull shapes

    Best For

    • Families looking for a small, loyal pet
    • Owners who enjoy a lively, affectionate companion


    • Small size with a weight up to 3 kilograms
    • Height approximately 7-9 inches
    • Two different coat types and skull shapes


    • Loving and fiercely loyal
    • Can be protective and feisty
    • Bonds closely with family members

    Care Guide

    • Grooming: Relatively low-maintenance; teeth brushing is crucial
    • Training: Needs consistent training; can be stubborn
    • Diet & Nutrition: Balanced diet, watch for obesity
    • Exercise: Daily exercise and playtime are essential
    • Ideal Environment: Best suited for indoor living; sensitive to temperature extremes


    • Obesity: Prone to weight gain; requires dietary management
    • Luxating Patellas: Common knee issue; may need surgery in severe cases
    • Periodontal Disease: Prone due to small mouths; requires regular dental care
    • Collapsing Trachea: Can cause coughing and wheezing; may need medical management
    • Heart Disease: Leading cause of death in older Chihuahuas
    • Hydrocephalus: Congenital condition; may require medical or surgical management
    • Eye Problems: Susceptible to several eye conditions
    • Legg-CalvΓ©-Perthes Disease: A hip condition that may require surgery
    • Reproductive Issues: Often requires C-sections for birthing
    • Hypoglycemia: Common in small breeds; requires dietary management

    Additional Information

    • Feeding Recommendations: Small-breed food for easy chewing
    • Training Challenges: Smart but can be stubborn; positive reinforcement works well
    • Grooming Needs: Regular brushing, more frequent in long-haired Chihuahuas
    • Longevity: Among the longest-living dog breeds
    • Size: Typically weighs 3 kilograms or less
    • Ideal Environment: Best in homes without large dogs or young children

    Grooming Guide

    • Coat Care: Weekly brushing for short-haired; 2-3 times weekly for long-haired
    • Eye Care: Routine cleaning for large, expressive eyes
    • Ear Care: Less prone to infections due to pricked ears

    Curious to know more? Check out our Chihuahua Care guide!

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