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    Why Indie Dogs Are Ideal

    Several of you might be in that beautiful time in your life when you’re ready to bring in a loving dog as a new family member. There may be several questions running through your mind and we presume that one of the biggest ones would be which dog breed would be right for you to bring home.

    Several of us are fixed on a certain dog breed probably because it reminds us of a former playmate from a dog-gone time. Whereas, some of us might not end up having the liberty of choice when a familiar stray who occasionally takes a peep into our house decides to move in with his luggage 😛 However, if you ever have to decide which breed it should be, we hope, with this blog, you understand that indie breed could be a wonderful and more suitable choice. So let’s get to it!

    Indie Dogs

    Indies are the naturally selected breed for the Indian subcontinent.

    This means that wherever you may choose to live in and around India, a desi-Indie will be best conditioned. Other breeds are not as comfortable in this climate and hence need extra medical attention. More specifically speaking, Saint Bernards, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes and Huskies cannot tolerate warm climatic conditions and will not be in the best of health during summers. Similarly, Dalmatians and Dobermans find Indian winters too cold. However, an Indie will be chillin’ all year long. No sweaters or tank tops are needed! 😛

    Pure breeds can have genetic health issues! 

    Many of us are unaware of the haphazard manner in which breeding processes happen in India. If you’d really like to know, you might like to take a walk down Delhi’s Shaadipur area and ask to have a look at the basements of several dog breeders. Puppies are kept in bags and stored in dirty, inhumane conditions. The amount of money that breeders are ready to give in just to have pure breeds mate in will leave you speechless.

    Desi-indies have amazing immune systems and they hardly need a lot of grooming of any kind.

    Several exotic breeds need to be taken to ‘dog parlours’ where an owner would end up spending anything from Rs. 1000 have their dog hair-trimmed. Indies don’t need this sort of pampering. A lot of love and good, nutritious fresh dog food give them a healthy body. Regular walks and playtime keep them upbeat. All they need is some love.

    Indies are intelligent and sensitive dogs.

    This trait is probably from the fact that they had they were raised from the streets and needed to be highly competitive to survive the day. However, this trait is also very prevalent in indie pups who may have never lived on the streets. It’s definitely a great quality to have for a dog to be kept at home. They are extremely conscious about the feelings and moods of everyone in the house as well.

    Indie dogs are very misunderstood!

    Most people observe the behaviours of dogs on the streets and conclude that that’s how all indie dogs are. However, they fail to keep in mind that these dogs have been through some extremely bad experiences from being homeless and living off the streets. They’ve had to survive extreme weather conditions from being homeless, days of starvation and abusive behaviour from human beings. Their tough exterior and aggressiveness is usually (not always) a defence from possible mistreatment.

    They are definitely as loving and adorable as other breeds! Some dog parents might even find their indies to be more loyal than the pure-breds – maybe even bordering a bit on the possessive side 😀

    We hope that, with this blog, indies have come into your consideration set for adopting a dog. Not only will you be welcoming a lot of happiness and love in your home but you will also be giving a home to one among thousands of homeless, starving dogs and their little pups on the streets. In the end, however, whether you choose to spend money buying an exotic breed or just open your home to a desi-Indie, we firmly believe that money will be of no consequence in making his tail wag. 

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