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    5 Signs You've Found Safe and Reliable Dog Breeders in India

    Ragini wants to buy a poodle as a companion to her aged, dog-loving parents. They can’t wait to get a dog that they can play with and take for gentle walks.

    Sohan's family wants to buy a Golden Retriever as they're generally great around kids and easy to train. They're eager to welcome their new family member and can't wait to give it a forever home.

    Ragini's parents and Sohan's family love dogs, but they have different lifestyles and want to make sure they get pets that blend in with their routines. They also want to ensure they get their dogs from breeders who are ethical, safe, and reliable.

    If you're like Ragini or Sohan, you must be a bit confused not knowing where to start. There are tons of breeders out there. How do you identify a good one? Here are five ways to ensure that the dog breeder you've gotten in touch with is reputable.

    1.They have in-depth knowledge about their breeds

    Reputable dog breeders have studied breeds thoroughly and will explain possible health conditions and genetic defects that the pup might have. These breeders will also assist you with any questions you have about the pups even after you've bought from them.

    Pup experiencing separation anxiety? Your breeder will send toys or suggest alternatives to help them calm down. Pup being difficult to train? Your breeder will tell you specific techniques to train them.

    They will also give you a health guarantee for the pups and take them back if they have any serious health conditions.

    2.They interview you too

    Interviews are not one way processes when it comes to good dog breeders. Reputable breeders don't breed pups just for money. They truly love their dogs and are eager to ensure their dogs find their happy place, a home that showers love and can afford the expenses. So, they put potential pet parents through a thorough interview too.

    Another important reason for the interview is to understand your lifestyle and requirements. A reputable breeder will interview Sohan and understand that he needs "a furry friend that is great around his kids." Whereas, an illegal or less responsible breeder will only try to sell Sohan "Golden Retriever Pups at a low price."

    3. They have a license and breeding pedigree

    Every dog breeder must have a license to breed dogs in India. They must be registered with the Animal Welfare Board and renew the license every year. Ask your breeder for a license. Reputable breeders will show you their license, while illegal breeders may say things like:

    "My license is just getting laminated."

    "Oh, we don't need a license every year. This is a lifetime license."

    Reputable breeders register their dogs with the Kennel Club of India and give you a pedigree certificate that shows the pup's lineage. They'll also furnish you with proofs for de-worming and vaccinations.

    4. They allow visits to their kennel

    If the breeder doesn't invite you to check out their kennel or denies you a visit there, chances are you've got in touch with illegal breeders. These breeders keep the dogs in cramped spaces and put them down if there's no demand for the pups.

    Another red flag is that the breeder's website only has cute puppy pictures and doesn't have any kennel photos. So, it's always good to pay a visit to the kennel to ensure that the dame (mother) and her pups look happy and healthy. Also, take a look at the surroundings, talk to any of the helpers, if possible, to get a better perspective.

    5. Their pups are bound to be pricier

    Reliable dog breeders sell pups at a high cost to break even with the expenses incurred so far.

    Breeders who love their dogs:

    • Provide them with nutritious food. Pups are known to have a large appetite, and they're fed close to 6 times a day.

    • Get them screened for common conditions like hip dysplasia and other genetic defects.

    • Take them to the vet for regular checkups.

    • Pay for their vaccinations and de-worming.

    • Set aside a sum for a C-section if required.

    • Change the mother's diet after pregnancy to include more nutrition.

    Following all of the above points rigorously takes a toll on the wallet. That's why reputable breeders always have a waitlist and sell their pups at a higher rate than less responsible breeders.

    So, if you're buying from kennels in your city, observe the breeder for the five signs above to make sure that you have happy, healthy puppies. Happy puppy hunting!

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