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    Cat Breed: Persian Cat

    Persian cats are a long-haired cat breed originating from Persia, now Iran. This heavy-boned breed happens to be one of the oldest cat breeds to have been domesticated and is lovingly called Shirazi in their homeland.

    Want to bring home this feline beauty? This post will familiarize you with their appearance, personality, and living requirements to make an informed decision.

    Persian Cat

    Height: 10-15 inches tall in both sexes

    Weight: 3.3-4.7 kilograms in males; 2.4-3.8 kilograms in females

    Lifespan: about 12-17 years

    Coat type: long

    Coat colors: All colors and patterns except for shaded or pointed coats

    The Appearance of Persian Cat

    The Persian cat is a medium-to-large-sized breed with a plump face that looks like an inverted pear. Their broad muzzle ends in a typically tiny nose with a well-developed chin, small, tufted ears, and round eyes set far apart. All these features lend this breed a sweet, expressive face.

    The body of the Persian cat is somewhat stocky, with a broad chest and shoulders, and a high curve around the hips. Their legs are long, heavy-boned, and muscular, with the hind legs being slightly longer. The feet of this breed are large and wide, too, with seven toes on each foot.

    The tail of this breed is yet another distinguishing feature of their appearance. They have a surprisingly short tail densely covered with their fluffy fur coat. Persian cats also hold their tail differently; at an angle slightly below their back, with a slight upward curve.

    The Personality of Persian Cat

    In terms of personality, Persian cats are quite laid-back with a gentle, almost docile demeanor. They’re well-behaved and will rarely try to indulge you in playing with them. This breed is also highly affectionate and gets attached to their owners fairly easily, making them a perfect companion for people of all ages, including children.

    Don’t mistake their passive lifestyle for a lack of intellect though! Persian cats are both intelligent and perceptive and can easily keep themselves entertained. What they will seek from you is love, attention, and a fair amount of petting.

    The Persian cat is know as a Apartment friendly cat breed and easily get along well with both cats and dogs.

    Caring for your Persian Cat

    We’re sure you’ve liked everything you’ve read about this elegant breed so far. But here’s the tricky part - this breed can be high-maintenance. Keep reading to find out what it takes to maintain your Persian cat.

    Diet and health

    The Persian cat is vulnerable to weight gain due to their inactive lifestyle, potentially leading to obesity. To avoid that from happening, it’s important to keep a close eye on their food portions and feed them only twice a day (with a 12-hour window in between) in adulthood.

    To maintain their dental health, brush their teeth regularly and offer them meat (preferably chicken) twice a week.

    Persian cats also need ample sources of mental stimulation to prevent boredom. So, provide them with different kinds of mice and wand toys, along with scratching posts to keep their claws trimmed.

    Grooming and maintenance

    Grooming is a vital activity for a long-haired breed like the Persian cat. As a parent to this breed, you would need to brush their fur coat thoroughly on a daily basis to get rid of loose clumps and prevent matting. Bathing them once every two weeks is enough to keep them clean. The nails on their claws also need to be clipped once a week or ten days. Now days the grooming products for cats are easily available online, which you can use to groom your cat at home.

    To sum it up, while the Persians might have more grooming needs than other cat breeds, the love and affection that they shower you with is boundless! 

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