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    Cat Breed: Maine Coon

    Named after the State where it is declared as an ‘official state mammal, the Maine Coon is a large yet sociable cat that originated in the U.S. This post will outline the appearance, personality, and care needs of this American feline breed.

    maine coon

    Height: 19-20 inches in both sexes

    Weight: 9-10 kilograms in males; 4-8 kilograms in females

    Lifespan: about 12-15 years

    Coat: long and shaggy

    The Appearance of Maine Coon

    Maine Coons are large cats with a long body, broad chest, two pairs of heavy, wide-set legs, and rounded, well-tufted paws. They have a pretty face with expressive eyes shaped like an oval, high cheekbones, and a short, squarish muzzle. Their ears are also large and tufted, tapering towards the edge.

    A Maine Coon’s tail is also long and furry, like the rest of its body. Although its wide base tapers towards the edge, the fur is long and flowy throughout.

    Like most domestic cat breeds, Maine Coon shows a lot of variation in colors and patterns, but the most common variations are solid black, blue, cream, and tabby.

    The Personality of Maine Coon


    Known as ‘gentle giants’, Maine Coons are cats, who display a dog-like personality. They’re both intelligent and fast learners but have a somewhat laid-back personality. This helps them gracefully coexist with any other pets you might have.

    Maine Coons are generally liked by children and get along with them due to their gentle and friendly nature. This breed is also quite vocal; while they’re not loud, you’ll often find them murmuring to themselves softly, with an occasional meow or chirp here and there.

    Owing to their intelligence, this breed is easy to train, and enjoy learning new tricks. You’ll notice how they’re often in the most interesting area of your house (where someone is doing something that’s new to them). To keep their inquisitive mind busy in your absence, you can surround them with different kinds of cat toys.

    While Maine Coons are highly adaptable felines, they do enjoy company, be it of humans, children, or other pets. So, if you’re out often or have a full-time job, it’s best to get two cats in place of one. This breed is also a popular choice as a second pet.

    Did you know that, contrary to popular belief, Maine Coons love water and enjoy bathing and playing in it a great deal?

    Caring for your Maine Coon


    So far, we’ve learned that Maine Coons are both smart and affectionate. But are they easy to look after? Let’s find out.


    With their long, shaggy coat, it’s apparent that the grooming needs of this breed aren’t what you’d call “low-maintenance. Their coat requires daily brushing and weekly baths, although some owners prefer biweekly baths as well. The first sign of matting or greasing in their coat is generally a great determinant of it. Additionally, you should also take them to a spa for deep grooming once a month. Also, now days many cat grooming products are available online that you can use to groom your cat at home.

    Maine Coons are also moderate shedders, which is something you must keep in mind while cleaning your furniture and washing your linen.


    This large breed can gain weight easily and should, therefore, be fed carefully. For cats younger than a year, four meals a day is necessary, but as they cross this threshold, you need to cut back to two meals.

    Maine Coons need a protein-rich diet to thrive, which is why it’s better to give them high-quality meat-based cat food over plant-based or vegan.


    While Maine Coons also enjoy sleeping a great deal, like the other felines, physical and mental stimulation of some kind is required to keep them healthy. You needn’t put in much extra effort though; giving them enough space to move around the house is enough. Alternatively, you can also install cat trees and perches to offer them more running space.

    For those who are looking to be a cat parent, you would rarely come across a breed with a better combination of playfulness and passivity. A Maine Coon is just perfect for you!

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