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    Cat Breed : American Bobtail

    Developed in the US in the 1900s, the American Bobtails are a domestic cat breed with a wild appearance but a homely temperament. One of the many legends revolving around their origin states that this breed is the outcome of the crossbreeding between bobcats and tabby cats.

    Here’s our post on the characteristics, appearance, personality, and requirements of American Bobtails. Let’s get started!

    american bobtail

    Height: 9-10 inches

    Weight: 3-7 kilograms

    Lifespan: about 13-15 years on average

    Colors: sable, cinnamon, chocolate, fawn, orange, tan, black, white

    The Appearance of American Bobtail

    If you want to recognize American Bobtails, start by looking at their, well, tail. Their tail is significantly short (about 1-3 inches long) with a stubby appearance, which distinguishes them from other breeds. Another remarkable feature of this breed is that they take a considerable amount of time to reach their full maturity. An American Bobtail would attain complete sexual maturity at 2-3 years of age, which indicates a growth much slower than other cat breeds.

    In terms of their body color or pattern, American Bobtails show a lot of diversity. You’ll rarely come across two American Bobtails with similar body color, pattern, or tail. In terms of size, they fall somewhere between medium-to-large-sized cats. They’ve been bred naturally and are fully capable of surviving in a feral environment.

    With their broad, wedge-shaped head, wide-set ears with rounded tips, and large, almond-shaped eyes, American Bobtails have a rather striking face. This breed can have both short-hair and long-hair coats. Their physique is muscular and athletic, which complements their lifestyle.

    The Personality of American Bobtail

    Remember when we said American Bobtails have a wild appearance? However, when it comes to their temperament, these felines are homely, intelligent, and friendly. They grow attached to their pet parents very quickly and are loyal and devoted pets. This breed is also considered a great therapy pet.

    American Bobtails are not as vocal as other breeds like the Siamese; however, they’re quite the attention-seekers and will make chirping noises or cuddle up to you rather than full-on meows. They lack aggression and can get along well with both children and older people.

    Lastly, American Bobtails are highly adaptable. Once they’ve grown to see you as their owners, they’ll readily adjust to your house (no matter what size) and will restructure their lifestyle accordingly. The one downside to having them as pets is that you can’t leave them alone for long periods. They need constant human interaction and affection to thrive and wouldn’t do well in isolation.

    american bobtail

    Caring for your American Bobtail

    We know what you might be thinking: falling in love with these fluffy felines is so easy! But first, take a look at how easy or difficult it is to care for them.

    Grooming needs

    American Bobtails have minimal grooming needs. Because they’re a moderate-shedding breed, you’ll need to brush their coat only once or twice a week regardless of whether you bring home a long or a short-haired kind. That frequency works for trimming their nails and cleaning their ears too. Like most other feline breeds, American Bobtails are also tidy cats that keep themselves clean and will not need regular bathing. At Wagr we have already shared some of the cool tips on grooming cats at home. In case you are new pet owner, those tips might be helpful for you.


    While the dietary needs of the American Bobtail can vary depending on their age, general health, and activity level, as a general rule, they require high-quality cat food with a high protein concentration. Dry cat food works well for this breed, but if you’re looking to add more variety to their meals, you can mix wet cat food with it a couple of times a week.

    Because obesity is a common health problem among American Bobtails, it is important that you avoid overfeeding them. If you’re struggling to understand the right food portion for them, consulting a vet might help.


    Although American Bobtails have a somewhat athletic build, they’re not highly energetic and require minimal physical engagement. Taking them out on a daily basis is not necessary, as long as you’re spending 1-2 hours playing with them at home. Additionally, providing them with multiple interactive cat toys is healthy for both their mental and physical growth and stimulation.

    If you’ve always loved cats but are wary of their aloof nature, the American Bobtails, with their warm, loving, and social personalities, are the ideal feline pets for you.

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