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Dogz & Dudez Combo - Neem Shield Spray 200ml & Itchgone Spray 200ml

Dogz & Dudez Combo - Neem Shield Spray 200ml & Itchgone Spray 200ml

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Neem Shield Spray :For your ultimate happiness here at dogz and dudez we are completely dedicated to creating pet products which are of immense quality and help to dog owners. We pets. Because of this you can rest assure that when you take us, you are covered, use for any size dogs and as flea and tick spray for puppies or flea and tick spray for cats.

The days of tick and fleas are numbered,remove that frustration and grouchy feeling when watching your dog battling with tick, fleas or other insect parasites. Get the neem shield, the all tick and flea spray for dogs, which is specifically formulated with neem, ayurvedic medicine, lemongrass, aloe vera to effectively protect and break the cycle of tick and fleas.

Watch the process for perfect specially formulated for fast results, the entirely hand-crafted blend of neem tree leaves, distilled water, lemongrass and other potent ingredients, break the life cycle of tick and fleas. You are sure to adore the moment when you see then effectively removed from your dog's coat.

Quality for your pet the tick and flea spray features a shield diluent water, preservatives and aloe vera juice and shield concentrate neem, emulsifier and solvent. No harsh chemicals 100% safe. Simply open the concentrate and put it in the spray battle. Mix and spray to destroy insect parasites; use indoors or outdoors safe to use both indoors and outdoors, and a great option for cats and puppies too.

Itchgone Spray: Quick Itch Relief: Is your pet suffering from a hot spot, itching, scratching, licking, or dry skin? The oatmeal itchgone spray by dogz & dudez gives you fast and lasting relief from these symptoms using a moisturizing blend to calm the irritated skin. Vet Recommended: This natural formulation was formulated and recommended by veterinarians.

Unique All-Natural Formulation: Unlike most dog scratching relief solutions that involve toxins and alcohol, our non-toxic & alcohol-free formulation uses the power of nature to give your pet itching relief. The itchgone spray includes vegan ingredients such as oatmeal, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, primrose oil, and more!

Effective solution: rich in essential fatty acids, the spray effectively helps to reduce inflammation and water loss in the pets skin membrane. This dryness and inflammation are the main reason for flaky red skin, itching, hot spots, and rashes. Spray it on the coat or target area 2-4 times daily. Keep 1ft distance when spraying and prevent the dog/cat to lick the spray from their coat.

Do not use on dogs/cats that are less than 12 weeks old.

Soothe dry skin: the moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera will deeply hydrate your pets skin and coat giving it a gorgeous look. Additionally, the potent all natural oils act as powerful deodorizer that will give the dog coat clean scent. Compared to most anti-itch products such as itch relief shampoos, this dry skin & itching spray is extremely easy to apply.


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