• Archana Rajendran

4 effective bad dog breath home remedies

Updated: Jul 19

More often than not, bad dog breath home remedies are often ignored and we tend to go for commercial products for our furry friends.

How does bad dog breath happen?


Bad dog breath home remedies #1: Raw bones


Bad dog breath home remedies #2: Raw fruit & vegetables


Bad dog breath home remedies #3: Parsley & mint leaves


Bad dog breath home remedies #4: Yogurt


Additionally, here are some tips to prevent bad dog breath:

Brush your dog’s teeth regularly:

Check with your vet for a dog toothpaste that you can brush your dog’s teeth with daily. Human toothpaste is a no-no since it can be potentially harmful to your dog.

Give him lots of clean water:

A dry mouth can also cause bad breath. Make sure that your dog has easy access to ample fresh drinking water, that can naturally cleanse the mouth. Don’t forget to regularly clean his bowl too.

Monitor food intake:

Quite often, you might find that your dog has bad breath because he’s been rummaging in the trash or eating something he wasn’t supposed to. Monitor his breath close to 4 hours after meals.

However, if your dog has other symptoms along with bad breath such as inflamed or discoloured gums, poor eating habits or irregular bowel movements, this might be indicative of a serious underlying problem. In such cases, consult your vet immediately.

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