Why your dog barks all night long & what you can do about it

Updated: Jul 19

Barking is the regular way dogs express themselves. However, consistent, excessive barking can be sign that your dog is distressed in some way. A dog barking all night long is a frustrating experience for you and your neighbours. Here we look at the reasons for excessive barking and cover tips on how to stop dog barking at night.

1. Noise sensitivity

why do dogs bark at nothing

Sometimes you might wonder why do dogs bark at nothing? Dogs are very sensitive to noises and might be responding to sounds that you cannot hear. This can be noises from far away, high pitched sounds by other animals inside or outside your home or any noise that disturbs the dog,

What to do : If you notice your dog barking a lot in a particular room, check for noises that might be disturbing him or her. If its not possible to remove the source of the noise, then you can play white noise or get your dog ear muffs

2. Distractions

how to stop dog barking at night - remove distractions

Dogs bark to alert their families of possible intruders. This is a part of their normal behaviour and even one that is encouraged at times. However sometimes your dog can develop a habit of barking at passerby, other dogs outside cars going by etc, which might be continuous and unnecessary if you live in a busy area.