The Top 6 Desi Dog Breeds to Own

Updated: Nov 24

A dog is always a joyful addition to the family. However aspiring pet parents are always intimidated by the number of choices when it comes to dog breeds. While a Labrador is probably the most recommended, there are so many desi or Indian breeds that can be perfect companions.

The preference continues to be heavily tilted towards Western breeds partly due to their overwhelming popularity and partly because there’s a lot more known about them. Accurate and reliable information about pure Indian breeds was not easily available until very recently. Even then the sources for this information remain scanty. That’s changing slowly and desi dogs are increasingly endearing themselves to Indian dog lovers.

One of the first questions that prospective dog owners ask is what sets a desi dog apart other than their country of origin.

Here, the dog experts from Team Wagr answer that question and also list out 6 desi dog breeds that are perfect for home or apartment living.

What’s special about Indian dogs?

Made for India

Indian dogs have bodies that are evolutionarily adapted to Indian climatic conditions. Exotic breeds like a Saint Bernard or a Husky are adapted for extremely cold weather and find it difficult to cope in hot and humid climes.

Easy to maintain and affordable

Dogs native to India automatically become easier to maintain because they fall sick less often and are stronger. That means lesser vet visits and expenses. They’re also easier to obtain and you don’t need to shell out a ton of money to get an Indian pup home. Grooming and cleaning up dog hair is also simpler as most Indian breeds have short fur and they don’t shed much.

Sharp and quick to train

Desi dogs are sharp-witted and easily trainable. Various Indian breeds like the Mudhol and Kombai have even been recently adopted by the Indian military for the first time ever as guard and hunting dogs for their speed, fearlessness and power.