Tips for finding a lost dog in India: A complete checklist

Updated: Oct 22

Having your dog go missing — either they ran away from home or got separated from you outdoors — can be a very stressful experience. Dogs, especially pedigrees, can also be stolen or kidnapped by people looking to sell or breed them. It’s important to have a plan of action when this happens. Here are some tips on how to find a lost dog in India:

1. Take instant action

The sooner you start looking, the better your chances are of finding a lost dog in India. Quite often dogs can’t find their way back home, so act fast and maximise your efforts within the first 48 hours window.

2. Search last-seen area thoroughly

how to find a lost dog search tips

Walk or drive through the last-seen area and call out his or her name. Remember to check corners, gutters, patches of trees, under parked cars as scared or lost dogs usually hide in dark spaces.

Also check areas around butcher shops, food carts, restaurants and garbage dumps — any place where stray animals find food.

If the dog ran away from home, an important tip for finding a missing dog is to search regular walking routes multiple times. Keep an ear out for faint responses.