3 Essential Accessories For New Dog Parents

Updated: Nov 25

Payal is excited to bring home Alvin, her new puppy, but she is also nervous about how she should prepare for his arrival.

Chetan wants to make his new pup Lola feel at home but he is confused on how to go about it.

Both Chetan and Payal are riddled with anxiety from being first time pet parents. They want to win their dogs’ love and make them feel loved, comfortable, and special.

They’re making lists and jotting down recommendations online to ensure they’ve the right food, treats, and accessories to raise healthy and happy dogs.

And if you feel as happy yet overwhelmed as Chetan or Pooja, here are 3 absolutely must-have accessories (apart from dog bowls, beds, and other obvious essentials) that will help you get started on this exciting journey.


Pups instinctively want to chew away everything in their path. And some dog breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Chihuahuas are hyper-chewers and need safe distractions to stop themselves from chewing down your house.

Many first-time pet parents make the mistake of giving their dogs raw bones to chew on. These are dangerous and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, choking, bleeding or even death. Veterinarians and experts agree that synthetic chew toys and hard chew dog treats are the healthiest alternatives for your pups or dogs. They improve their dental health, jaw strength, and keep them occupied. Some popular items include bully sticks, dental dog chews, and rawhide dog chews.

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