The Ultimate Easy Beginner's Guide to Keeping Pet Fish

We have dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters. And then we have fish. Keeping pet fish can be a great way to get started if you've never had a pet before, as they need little to no work to maintain and offer a low-maintenance pet option. They also make it easy to learn about freshwater aquatic life and are a great conversation starter too! Fish also, like many pets, come with their own therapeutic value. However, most of us may plunge into keeping pet fish without much thought.

Fish, just like other pets, require some planning, care, and a lot of love.

We help you avoid the big beginner mistakes with these suggestions. Find out how you can make your pet fish's life easy with our beginner's guide to keeping fish.

What is a beginner fish?

Choosing the best fish for beginners can be confusing with the many different types of fish out there. Not all fish are suited for beginners, and care needs to be taken to ensure the fish get along with their tank mates. We considered factors like maintenance, personality, and friendliness with other fish in building this guide.

Here, we recommend three of the most common fish that are easy to start with for beginners.

  • Goldfish

  • Guppies

  • Danios

The basics of keeping pet fish

Goldfish are probably the most common pet fish around. They are found everywhere: from rivers to lakes to the ubiquitous goldfish bowl. Goldfish come in as many vibrant colors as you want, although you may often confuse the koi or common carp for them. Goldfish, though, have these cute whiskers in the corner of their mouth that the koi or carp don’t have.

Goldfish are low-maintenance, but you do need some knowledge of fishkeeping. If you care for goldfish properly, they are known to live as long as 20 years!