The importance of monitoring your dog’s activity

Updated: Jul 19

Wagr does a lot more than just track your dogs’ location. One of the coolest features of Wagr is how it tracks your dogs’ every move and gives you an understanding of their activity patterns over time. We’ve always wondered what exactly Jambi gets up to when we’re not at home. It’s almost like he has a secret life that we’re not aware of! That was one of our key inspirations for building Wagr.

What are they upto right now? Are they getting enough exercise and rest each day? Are their activity trends changing over time? Answers to these questions gives you a wealth of deep insights into your dogs’ general health and behaviour. They can empower you as a dog parent to make well informed decisions regarding your dog. In today’s busy busy world, we have so many things to think about – our careers, our relationships, money, the traffic 😀 The list goes on. And sometimes, we don’t notice the small things that could have a large impact on their well-being later.  

Now how does Wagr let you track all this information about your dog? So, the device contains motion sensors which capture data about  your dogs’ physical motion  every second. It then uses specialised algorithms that we have built to translate the raw data into information about your dog’s activity. The algorithms take into account details like your dog’s age, breed, size, gender etc to ensure that it is highly accurate. And finally this activity is sent to your Wagr mobile app and presented in a very simple and user friendly manner.

There are 3 main ways in which you can use this feature of Wagr to understand your dog better. Suppose you are at work, and your dog is alone at home and you just want to check up on what he’s been up to the whole day.  With the Wagr device connected to your home WiFi , just open your app! The home screen will show you exactly what he’s up to and you’ll have his general activity trends for that day.  

Realtime illustration


You can also use the Wagr app to set fitness goals for your dog. We use their activity data and convert it into fitness points which are unique to your dog. You can see how many points they obtain each day (say on an average, 3000 per day), and set a goal (maybe 3500?) depending on whether you want to exercise your dog more. Wagr alerts you if you’re falling behind on the goal on any day, so that you can take the necessary action. Maybe take that walk you had been putting off 😀

Fitness MOnitoring Illustration