New Parent Guide: Preparing Your Dog To Welcome A New Baby

Updated: Nov 8

“Is my baby safe around my dog?”

“How can I prepare my dog for my baby’s arrival?”

“How do I manage a baby and my dog?”

Depending on your situation you might have asked at least one of these questions. Having a baby changes your life. Bringing a dog home changes your life too. As part of Wagr Advice, we get a lot of questions centred around new pet parents who also have a baby. We decided to take four of the most commonly asked questions and build an informative little guide. To achieve greater focus, this article assumes you already have a dog when you have a baby.

Is it ok to have dogs around babies?

When Mehul went down on one knee, he had an additional question to ask Reena, his girlfriend. “Can we get a dog?”. Reena said ‘yes’ to both and they did get Peanut, a Beagle, a couple of months after they got married. Peanut technically became their first baby, snuggling into bed with them, going for playtime at the beach, and horsing around with the neighbours’ kids. Two years later, when Reena was expecting their first child, their biggest worry was, “Is Peanut’s presence safe for the baby?”

The short answer is yes, dogs and babies can be friends.

It’s an all too familiar scenario for young pet parents. It’s natural to be anxious about your baby’s safety as well as your dog’s comfort around the new member.

Dogs are very welcoming and are great around babies provided they’re prepared for it. However, do keep in mind that children up to the age of 2 to 3 years old must never be left alone with your dog no matter how much you’ve prepared them for it or how gentle they’re known to be.

A baby’s movements are erratic. Dogs can interpret this in different ways and potentially make them anxious or excited. Both pets and children are unpredictable, which can lead to harmful consequences.