Move over exotic Huskies! 11 amazing Indian dog breeds

Updated: Oct 22

We have so many Indian dog breeds out there — each with distinct features, unique histories, behaviour traits — but we hardly know anything about them. Dog owners prefer exotic breeds and are quick to forget about Indian native dogs, which are well adapted to our climate as well as local lifestyle.

Indian dog breed #1: Indian pariah dog

Indian dog breeds - Indian pariah dog
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Also known as Indie dogs, they are the first breed of dogs native to India. They are found aplenty but not every street dog you run into would be a pariah. Today’s urban stray dogs are usually a mix of several breeds.

Appearance: Medium sized stocky dogs with a short muzzle, pricked ears and curly tail. Their double coat boasts tan, fawn or brown shades.

Activity: Regular exercise, engaging activities and walks twice a day helps them expend their energy.

Temperament: Sharp and alert, they make good guard dogs due to their territorial nature. They are also social and highly intelligent, making them a good fit for families.

Indian dog breed #2: Indian Spitz

Indian dog breeds - Indian Spitz