How to Keep Your Pets Stress-Free and Happy During the Covid Lockdown

Updated: Jul 19

“2021 will be different,” we all said. Yet, here we are. The pandemic still raging. Amidst another strict lockdown. While countries the world over take tottering steps towards recovery, Indians are grappling with a serious second wave. We hide indoors, afraid to even step out for a simple walk. 

So, what of our pets? 

Last year’s lockdown prompted a flurry of adoptions and pet purchases across the world  prompted by the forced social isolation and the ensuing loneliness. India has been no different. 

Pup adoption rates have jumped by 50-100% while cat adoption has gone up by around 40%, estimates Ganesh Ramani, GM India, Mars Petcare

Source: Hindu Businessline

Pets help us cope with the stress of Covid but what happens to them? Pets can sense doom-and-gloom and can easily get affected too. 

How can we care for our pets during the coronavirus lockdown? Here are a few pointers to keep them healthy and happy.

Watch out for signs of stress


A lockdown changes routines for everyone. That includ