How To House Train A Fully Grown Adopted Dog

Updated: Nov 8

So, you rescued an adult dog? Adopted an older dog? Congratulations! You have taken a brave and rewarding step. You are about to welcome the warmth and love of a dog into your life. It can come with its own messes, but in the end, the affection of a pet can outweigh all the messes.

Despite that, though, worries are paramount. An adult dog, you may think, can’t be easily house trained.

You may worry that with your busy schedules, you can’t commit the time, money, and energy needed to ensure that this beautiful dog can be trained in the right manner.

But that’s a worry.

And there’s always a way out of worry.

With the right information and tools, we show you that bringing an adult dog home doesn’t have to be a drain on your own mental well-being. Use our simple, step-by-step process to pull off the house training of a fully grown adopted dog.

Step 1: Understand your adopted dog

“It’s a myth that a