How to entertain your senior dog: 6 safe & fun activities

Updated: Jul 19

With their calm and mellow nature, senior dogs make great companions. However, this also means that they may not be able to indulge in the same kind of activities they did when they were younger. Here are some activities to do with your older dog that will keep him or her physically and mentally stimulated.

Caution: Choosing activities to do with your older dog

Remember to take your dog’s preferences and health conditions into consideration. Senior dogs may suffer from many age-related conditions such as loss of sight and hearing, fatigue, dietary issues, muscle and bone problems etc. So choose accordingly.

1. Make walks interesting

Walking is a good, low impact exercise for senior dogs. To make it both physically and mentally rewarding, pick routes with interesting sights and smells along the way.

Change your route every now and then for variety. If your dog up for it, go on hikes with mild to moderate terrain.

The pace and length of the walks can be moderated depending on your dog’s health and ability.

2. Encourage safe swimming

Activities to do with your older dog - Dog swimming in water

Swimming can be a good activity for senior dogs who enjoy playing in water. However, do check with your vet if your dog is okay to swim as it is not recommended for dogs recovering from certain conditions.