How to decide which dog is right for you

Updated: Jul 19

After much deliberation, you’ve finally decided. You’re going to get a dog! Cue happy dance. 

Deciding on having a pet was the first big step. Now that that’s done, here comes the next. Deciding on *which* dog to get. There are so many factors involved in making this choice that it can soon make you feel lost. We get it. That’s why we’ve put together this little list of things to do and consider to help you decide the right dog for you and your family. 

Make a list

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There’s no problem that making a list can’t solve. Begin by writing down the thoughts that made you arrive at your decision in the first place. Next, take stock of your lifestyle right now and how it might change in the near future. What’s your financial situation? Factor in vet visits and pet accessories as they can be quite expensive. How much time can you spare to spend with your dog in a day? What about allergies? Answering some of these questions and making a list is a great starting point.

Individual vs. family

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Different breeds fit different needs. Do you live by yourself in an apartment? You’ll probably be the perfect match for a low-maintenance, playful bulldog. Consider a caring and obedient Golden Retriever or a mild-mannered and playful Labrador for a family with small kids. Golden Retrievers are known to be great with babies, while Labradors are better for older children to play with. Pick the right dog, and they can smoothly blend in with your lifestyle.

Apartment or house?