How to cure your dog’s separation anxiety

Updated: Jul 16

Does your dog panic when you are out-of-sight for even a few minutes? Your dog could have separation anxiety. This is a behavioural issue where a dog displays signs of significant stress when separated from a particular person. It can happen to dogs across age groups due to difficult events such as relocation, loss of family member or even lack of proper training. Here are some easy dog separation anxiety solutions:

What are the signs of separation anxiety in dogs?

  1. Whining, barking, pacing, panting and nervousness when the owner leaves or shows signs of leaving

  2. Urination and defecation even when your dog is toilet trained

  3. Destructive behavior such as chewing, biting and clawing at furniture or walls when left alone

  4. Excessive excitement when the owner returns

  5. Escape attempts to follow the owner

Easy dog separation anxiety solutions:

#1: Leaving your dog alone

Sitting alone - Dog separation anxiety training

Dog separation anxiety training begins with teaching your dog to be alone in a room, while you’re still at home. Use a cue like ‘stay’ to step out of the room for a short period, like five minutes. Use this technique to prolong this period to an hour or more. This way your dog gets used to the idea of being alone.

#2: Keep hellos and goodbyes low-key