Heroes to remember: 5 famous dogs in history

Updated: Jul 16

The best part of being a dog parent is the stories dogs weave into our lives. For these famous dogs in history, words might never do justice to the legacy they left behind. Here are some stories of iconic dogs who shaped the course of human lives around the world:

Balto – Braved harsh weather to stop an epidemic

L: Gunnar Kaasen with his pet husky Balto  R: Statue of Balto at Central Park, New York City Source: Wikimedia Commons

Balto, a Siberian Husky, led the 1925 Serum run in Alaska. With all modes of transport suspended in the biting Alaskan winter, Balto and the sled dogs were the only hope for the people of Nome for transporting a serum. This was the only antidote that saved them from a deadly Diphtheria outbreak. Led by Gunnar Kaasen, the pack successfully completed the journey in pitch darkness and near whiteout conditions.

Hachiko – Loyally waited for his master until his dying day