Foster care for dogs: 8 tips for beginners

Updated: Jul 19

Love dogs but not sure if you can make a long-term commitment to one? Then fostering might be for you. Foster care for dogs involves providing food, shelter and support for a designated period of time. This way shelters and NGOs can reduce overcrowding and people who cannot be full-time pet parents can help out dogs. It’s a win-win for all! If you’re ready to become a dog foster parent, start by heading over to your local NGO or shelter. But first here are some tips on how to foster a dog:

Foster care for dogs tip #1: Learn the basics

Older dogs - Specific dog foster responsibilities and training

If you’re a first time dog foster parent, talk to experts and read up all you can about caring and training for dogs. This includes buying essentials, toilet training, teaching commands and more. Speak to a shelter, NGO or even a trainer to understand how to foster a dog.

Foster care for dogs tip #2: Choose your dog

How to foster a dog - Puppy being comforted

Different dogs have different needs. Puppies are fun but need supervision and regular clean-up. Abandoned dogs might have separation anxiety issues. If you’re working with rescues, you will need to understand how to foster a dog with special needs. It’s important to be clear about how much care you can provide for the dog and also communicate that clearly to the NGO or shelter you are fostering from.

Foster care for dogs tip #3: Factor in your time