Dog care in summer: Safety tips for indoors & outdoors

Updated: Jul 19

Imagine going through summer wearing a fur coat! Like all animals, dogs will change their habits to adapt to higher temperatures.

Dog care in summer - tired and exhausted

For pet parents, here are some tips that will ensure dog care in summer:

Dog care in summer: Indoors

Dog care in summer - Sleeping on tiled floor

Most apartment dogs will seek out cool spots such as batches of bare tiled floor, corners, under table areas etc. Allow your dog easy access to these spots by keeping them free of furniture. Place their bedding, water and feeding bowls there. Cotton sheet bedding will keep your dog cool. However, most will prefer lying on the floor during summer.

Dog care in summer - Blinds used indoors

If you have lots of large windows at home, shade them with blinds, curtains and sun-shades. This way your dog can enjoy the breeze while avoiding the heat. Placing plants by the windows will also help keep your home cool.

Dog care in summer - Husky puppy