Cats Vs. Dogs: Which Pet Should You Choose?

Ritu wants to become a pet parent. After seeing the joy that all her friends were experiencing with their pets, she’s excited to bring in a new member to her family.

But she’s not sure if she should go for a cat or a dog. So, she asked her friends for advice. “Cats are aloof and don’t show love,” said her friend, Sheela. “Dogs are noisy and need to be trained more. Cats are better”, said Rehan. And a heated “cats vs dogs” debate began, leaving Ritu more confused than before.

Facing the same dilemma as Ritu?

Cats are quirky, independent creatures, while dogs are loyal and require constant attention.

Both have some great qualities and downsides, and we’ll delve into them in this article so you can decide which companion you’d like to have for the rest of your life!

Cats: independent, intelligent, quirky and the best reading companions

Contrary to popular belief, cats aren’t aloof creatures who remember their humans only when they need food. Instead, cat owners will tell you that their pets show love on their terms and are very subtle in their gestures.

Although cats aren’t as vocal and obvious as dogs when showcasing their love, they too know when their owners feel blue. Some cats will perch themselves on their chest to show that they care while some will purr and snuggle up to you.

If you prefer occasional but deeply fulfilling gestures of love, a cat may be your preferred companion. Here are other reasons you should consider having a cat:

  • There’s no better feeling than having a cat sit on your lap and purr as you read quietly. Cats usually purr when they feel threatened, but they also do it when they feel blissful.

  • They’re self-sufficient. If you’re working a job that keeps you away from home most of the day, a cat is the best choice as it doesn’t need constant attention.

  • They’re easy to potty train. Cats don’t need excess training as they have an innate need to bury their waste to protect the scent from other animals. And this trait naturally draws them to a litter bo