Can you travel with your pet on Indian trains?

Updated: Oct 22

Raghav was in the middle of work when he got a call from his elderly parents. They needed him to come home immediately to address an important family matter. They live in a different city, and Raghav decides to take a train. It’s only after he books the tickets that it hit him – what will he do with his new cocker spaniel, Cookie? 

Raghav can’t get a pet sitter at such short notice, and he doesn’t like the idea of leaving Cookie at a boarding kennel. “Can I travel with my dog on the train?” he wonders.

The short answer is ‘yes!’. You can travel with your pet dog, cat, rabbit, and a few other specific animals on the Indian railway. Here, we list out the rules and regulations as well as important steps you need to keep in mind. 

Traveling coach restrictions


Pets have a couple of options when traveling by train. Book a ticket for AC or non-AC first class for a coupe or a cabin. A coupe has only two seats while a cabin has four. AC chair, sleeper, and second class compartments are off-limits for pets. We suggest choosing the coupe as it’s less crowded and easier for pets to adjust to. 

Booking a ‘seat’