Been up all night?: Use our guide to make your dog sleep

Updated: Oct 23

Found yourself waking up at night to tend to your sleepless dog? Without adequate training, your dog’s erratic sleeping pattern can wreak havoc on your daily routine. Here is a guide on how to teach your dog to sleep at night.

Give adequate exercise

teach dog night sleep - dog tugging on toy

An exhausted dog is unlikely to stay awake past bedtime.

Depending on the breed, dogs require 30-120 hours of physical activity every day. Take him out for long walks in the morning and early evening hours. Avoid physical activity too close to bedtime as it can disrupt his sleep cycle.

If your dog is still restless, use stimulating indoor toys during the day to wear out that excess energy. Close to bedtime, chew toys and dog bones are the best as they having a calming effect.

Establish a feeding routine

teach dog night sleep - feeding dog treats

A meal too close to bedtime is prone to make your dog’s energy levels soar. So avoid over-feeding your dog and ensure you ma