7 benefits of going to a canine behaviourist

Updated: Jul 19

Dog parents are known to have an unspoken bond with their furry friends. However, sometimes they face difficultly communicating with or understanding their dog. Many pet parents in India have recognised the benefits of going to dog behaviourist to address the same.

What’s the difference between a dog trainer and a dog behaviourist?

Benefits dog behaviourist India - Dog pulling leash

A dog trainer helps teach your dog obedience-based skills such as sit, come, stay or potty-training among other things. Some dog trainers may also help with issues like aggressive jumping and biting.

A canine behaviourist on other hand, deals with behavioural issues. They are usually certified professionals who have been educated in canine behaviour, cognition, psyschology etc. They take necessary steps by understanding the dog’s history, breed and environment.

Are there canine behaviourists in India?

Benefits dog behaviourist India - Patting a dog

Yes, there are certified dog behaviourists in India who can benefit you and your dog. Costs for canine behaviourists usually start at 2000-3000 Rupees per session and may vary depending on the type of issue your dog is going through.

When should you consider consulting a dog behaviourist?