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Best quality products for your fur babies. We use superior ingredients with no harmful additives.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. -Josh Billings

Whoof! - we’ve heard this a million times, often knowing what it exactly means as our beloved pooches demand a walk, a treat, or some belly rubs.

Growing up with a dog gives you a different perspective of your role in his/her life. We soon understand that our lives may take different strides as we grow up but we are our dog’s whole life. As we recall the various dogs that have played important roles in our lives, we ask you to do the same - the dog that waits for a cab with you, the puppy that greets you at the supermarket, or the neighbor’s dog you intended to steal because you were convinced he/she loves you more.

We all want the best for them, and simply put that’s what Whoof stands for. Providing the best for our very best friends from all walks of life. They shower us with unconditional love, so why can’t the nutrition we provide for them be unconditional - free of twisted terms and synonyms of bad ingredients, fillers, chemicals & preservatives. We went on to curate foods and treats that are all-natural, preservative-free with zero nasties (chemicals, fillers, preservatives & sub-standard meats).

Made for all the goodest boys & girls on this beautiful planet. 

In memory of Scooby & Tiger.


Whoof Chicken Jerky Treats (50gms)

Whoof Chicken Jerky Treats (50gms)


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