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The best customizable & durable Pet IDs to show off your dog's unique personality.

Our mission is to bring out all the witty and unique expressions of your furry friends and showcase them in style. Taggie Dog Tags are made for people who love their pets and want to flaunt their style.

Dogs are a huge part of our family and we love to accessorize them! Like most pet lovers we invariably wanted to accessorize our pets in a unique way that brings out their expression of love. And we had invariably one complaint – that Creative and Customizable tags, which speak out a pet’s expression were surprisingly hard to find.

There were only Metal and Plastic tags which had an option to be just a name tag! There was just no ideal option. So we decided to create it! We questioned ourselves. We asked how things could be done differently. We researched. And then we took the plunge.

Once Harley (our love) started wearing it, people began asking where they could get one for their pet. That’s when we realized that there was a huge need for this product.

The Right Material & Print: Finding the right material that would be able to print high-quality images was one of the hardest parts of developing the final version of our TAGGIE. After multiple attempts, we ended up with a material that was eco-friendly, durable, and would adhere to the HD Printing capability. The results were satisfying and guess what, we could customize them to our farthest imagination.

Beyond Accessorizing: It gave our friends and random strangers in the park a great way to interact with our Harley, and everyone wanted to showcase the fun side of their pets! As for Harley, he made countless new friends. We love to keep creating products that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle and strengthen the bond between people and their pets.


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