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    Our Wagr

    About a year ago, Jambi turned up at our doorstep. He was tiny, wet, shivering, hungry and obviously, we took him in. Raising Jambi has been equal parts fulfilling and crazy. There’s no substitute for his joyous greeting, excited playing, stalker love and plain goofiness. Jambi is an important member of the family. And he’s always on our minds.

    Jambi has created a little voice in our heads. We realise that it’s a voice that all dog parents have. It’s the voice that wonders if it’s okay to give your dog just one tiny bit of bacon (they’re begging!). It’s the voice that whispers questions about well being- should he sleep that much? Does he need more exercise? Does he need a trip to the vet? It’s the stress of being away from him for any period of time- is he still at home? Where can he stay for two weeks? I’ve been away, is he alright? Do all dogs go through this? Do other dog parents have to handle this?

    It’s us, incessantly wondering how we can be better parents.

    And so, Wagr was born. We want to help you shut out that voice of worry and focus on wholeheartedly loving your dog. We want to help keep your dogs safer and healthier. Let us ease the stress around sicknesses and trips out of town- we’ll help you find vets, boarding places and stores when you need them. Make us the link between you and other dog parents; the platform you use to share your triumphs and trials. We’d like to be your friend as you figure out what’s best for your dog.

    Wagr is meant to unite us. So whether you’re a veteran dog-parent, the new kid on the block or just a dog lover, we’re glad you stopped by. Jump on this amazing journey with us to bring you and the canine side of your family, closer.

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