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    Favorite Furballs of B-Town: Indian Movie Stars with Their Pets

    Have you ever wondered how the celebrities you admire on the silver screen feel about their pets? Wonder no more, we’re here to give you a sneak peek into the lives of your favorite Bollywood stars and their pets!

    Meet Edward, Alia Bhatt’s feline love

    The actress starring in two recently-released blockbuster movies, RRR and Gangubai, Alia Bhatt is an ailurophile, and is surrounded by cats at home. Her Persian pet cat, Edward, is often seen in pictures with Alia on her Instagram handle. In some of her posts, she fondly refers to Edward as her “muse.”

    Sadly, one of her cats, Sheeba, passed away last year. The actress herself, along with her mother and sister, mourned Sheeba’s death on social media where Alia referred to Sheeba as “my angel”.

    Recently, Alia and Shaheen, her sister, brought home another feline pet, perhaps as a way to fill the big gap left behind by their beloved Sheeba. They’ve named this black beauty “Juniper” and are often seen hanging around with her.

    Other than her cats, Alia also harbors a deep love for boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s dogs, Lionel and Nido, and often spends her time with them. To quote Alia, “They make everything better.”

    Disha Patani and her four furred friends

    The M.S. Dhoni actress, Disha Patani, has no shortage of pets or love for them. Disha believes that the best way to unwind at home is with pets and she has not one or two but four pets, namely, Bella (an English Cocker Spaniel), Jasmine (a European Shorthair), Goku (a Doberman) and Keety.

    If you check out Disha’s Instagram handle, you’ll find it filled with pictures, videos, and stories of her furred friends. She had even spent her Valentine's with her beloved companions. What better way could one find to express their love for their pets?

    Recently, Disha had also posted a video of herself giving Goku a fancy pedicure session. In the video, you’ll find her taking Goku’s paws in her hands, trimming his nails one-by-one with utmost care. It’s evident that all four are very close to her heart!.

    Saint, Sandy, Veer, and Mowgli: Salman’s canine companions

    When it comes to having multiple pets, Salman Khan is perhaps the uncrowned king of Bollywood. The actor has always loved being around animals and expresses his love for dogs on Twitter.

    Back in 2018, when My Love, Salman’s oldest pet dog, passed away, the actor was quite heartbroken. Currently though, he’s raising four dogs, two of whom are St. Bernards (Sandy and Saint). The other two are Veer (a French Mastiff) and Mowgli (a Labrador Retriever).

    In addition to these canine companions, Salman also raises horses in his farmhouse in Panvel, where he spends much time with them, and rides them on occasion as well.

    Virushka’s relationship with animals

    Be it as a couple, parents, or pet parents, Virushka (Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli) are goals for us all. The two have always considered animals as a big part of their family and enjoy spending time with them a great deal. In a video shared by Anushka last year, the couple was seen playing with their pet dog, Bruno (a Labrador), as well as feeding stray dogs.

    Later last year, the couple lost Bruno, and it was in his fond memory that Anushka had shared this deep, meaningful post on Instagram. In fact, in her post on Father’s Day 2021, the actress had shared the picture of her father alongside Bruno, calling them both exemplary men who “get me”.

    The power couple took another remarkable initiative last year, which shows their deep love for animals. On World’s Stray Animals Day (April 4th), Virat announced the opening of two animal rehabilitation centers in Mumbai by the Virat Kohli Foundation. When asked about the inspiration behind this initiative, Virat mentioned wife Anushka’s name right away.

    To wrap it up, it’s clear that be it popular actors and actresses of Bollywood or us pet parents, the love for our beloved pets knows no boundaries.

    Priyanka with Diana, Gino, and Panda

    Priyanka, along with her husband, Nick, have 3 pampered furballs. She has an inseparable bond with Diana - a chihuahua mix rescue dog from the streets of Atlanta. Priyanka has vocalised how Diana took care of her when she was alone in New York City, shooting for Quantico.

    Diana helped her cope with a difficult time in her life, which can be seen in the bond they share with each other. All three doggos have their own instagram handles, posts of which showcase why Priyanka makes the ultimate dog mom!

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