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    Dog Breed : Mudhol Hound

    The Mudhol Hound, also known as “Kathewar Dog” and “Maratha Hound,” is a sighthound breed named after the Mudhol taluk of Karnataka, where they originated from.

    Mudhol Hounds have a striking resemblance with the Greyhounds both in appearance and temperament. However, they are slightly shorter in size and tend to have a longer lifespan than the latter.

    Want to bring this majestic Indian sighthound home? We’re here to help you understand their characteristics, personality, and requirements.

    Features of the Mudhol Hound

    Height: 26-28 inches in males; 25-26 inches in females.

    Weight: 22-28 kilograms in both sexes.

    Lifespan: about 13-18 years

    Coat type: single coat (short but dense)

    Colors: fawn, mixed

    The Appearance of Mudhol Hounds

    Mudhol Hounds have a significantly long and narrow head, with a broad space between their ears which are moderately sized. Their dark muzzle is supported with a long and powerful jaw which is famous for its scissor bite.

    Mudhol Hounds have a long, lean neck and a broad-muscled back, growing wider towards their hindquarters. Their tail is set quite low towards the back and is rather pointy-edged.

    The forelegs of Mudhol Hounds appear different from their hind legs - they’re long and straight, unlike the slight curve in the latter.

    The Personality of Mudhol Hounds

    Mudhol Hounds are of a reserved nature, sensitive to their surroundings and always displaying a territorial or protective temperament around strangers.

    They’re intelligent, have great instincts, and can easily care for themselves when left alone for a longer period (as adults). They’re capable of forming attachments with their owners without feeling the pain of separation too intensely.

    Because this breed has the tendency of being aloof from a young age, early socialization can help them behave in a friendly manner with your neighbors and friends.

    Above everything, Mudhol Hounds are loyal, fiercely protective, and brave and will always put your life and needs above their own.

    However, for all their positive traits, Mudhol Hounds aren’t apartment dogs. With their high energy levels and athletic build, this breed needs a large, open space to run around at any given time. This is why it is a must to own a house with a yard or a garden to bring them up.

    Caring for your Mudhol Hound

    Did the personality of Mudhol Hounds seem like a good fit for your household? Then let’s catch you up with their living requirements quickly.

    Diet and exercise

    It is no secret that, like most other hound breeds, Mudhol Hounds also possess very little body fat, which lends them a somewhat skinny appearance, even when they’re healthy. Their diet needs to match up to their high energy requirement and should be rich in protein and carbs. As they need meat to keep their muscles strong and healthy, it’s best not to keep them on a vegetarian diet. High-quality dry dog food with cooked chicken on the side makes a perfect meal for this breed.

    In terms of exercise, this hound can be a little high maintenance. Once they’ve crossed their first year, simply taking them on walks is not enough. You’ll also need to indulge them in more intense activities like running. As an intelligent breed, they also need mentally stimulating tasks to keep them occupied.

    Training and socialization

    While starting young is always better when it comes to training or socializing dogs, with Mudhol Hounds, the task can be a little difficult, particularly for those who have never lived with dogs before. In order to train this breed properly, you must have prior experience in dealing with dogs, along with a calm, authoritative attitude.

    While socializing your Mudhol Hound, make sure you familiarize them with a stranger’s touch and other pets early on. Those who don’t receive this training early grow wary of it and can react to it aggressively as adults.

    Remember that Mudhol Hounds are not mindless pleasers and will demand similar respect from you, as well. The Mudhol Hound is a rugged, loyal, and fiersome breed and if you have the time and space for them, they will soon endear themselves to you.

    Grooming and maintenance

    Mudhol Hounds aren’t big on shedding, nor do they have a drooling problem, which is why their grooming needs are minimal. Brushing their fur coat and clipping their nails once a week is all the maintenance they’d need.

    Due to the absence of a fat layer within their skin, the Mudhol Hounds prefer living in a climate that’s dry and warm. For this particular reason, you’ll need to be more mindful of their needs in the winters. Dog clothes like boots and coats are perfect for protecting them from freezing temperatures.

    Being intelligent, athletic, and independent, the Mudhol Hounds are perfect pets for pet parents who share these traits. This one-master breed might not be easy to bring up, but they return all those efforts in the form of love and loyalty that’s not easy to find, even among dogs.

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    So true, I find all these traits in my Mudhol hound. But most important thing is they r the most loving pets.


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