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    Dog Breed : Kombai/Combai

    Equally popular with the name Polygar, the Kombai is a native Indian sighthound breed that has been bred in Kombai located in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu. While this athletic breed was used as hunting dogs for years, Kombais can also make great house pets.

    In this post, we tell you more about the appearance, personality, temperament, and maintenance needs of this breed to help you determine whether you can welcome one into your family.

    Kombai Dog

    Height: 23-30 inches in both sexes

    Weight: 25-30 kilograms in males; 20-25 kilograms in females

    Lifespan: 12-15 years

    Coat type: single coat

    Colors: shades of brown

    The Appearance of Kombai

    Although the Kombai is a medium-sized dog breed, their head appears to be slightly larger in proportion with the rest of their body. They have a broad forehead, dark brown eyes, and large ears. The shade of their muzzle is considerably darker than the rest of their face.

    Kombai dogs have a typical guard dog build which is visible in both their stance and gait. The structure of their legs provides them with extra speed and agility, making them one of the most energetic Indian dog breeds. Their entire body is wired with lean muscles, adding to their strength and stamina. Their tails could be pointing upwards, downwards, or curve at the edge. You could compare this breed to the Rhodesian Ridgebacks in terms of their appearance.

    The Personality of Kombai

    The personality of Kombai is a perfect blend of dignity and gentleness. This unique combination, along with their fast-learning abilities, makes it very easy for pet parents to train them.

    Alongside intelligence, loyalty is a trait that the breed develops quite early in life, which is why bringing home Kombai pups is a better idea. When socialized properly, the Kombai can be a loyal and playful pet and form close bonds with children and adults alike.  

    Being a guard dog originally, Kombais remain their usual alert self with strangers until they grow familiar with them.

    Kombai Dog - Features

    Caring for your Kombai

    So far, we’ve understood that the Kombai is a pretty low-maintenance pet. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what’s needed to care for and maintain Kombais.

    Training and socialization

    Kombais are not that difficult to train, owing to their intelligence and discipline. Thanks to their guard dog instincts, this breed is perceptive, can understand all kinds of cues and follow commands easily. In addition to all that, this breed is also eager to please its owners, which makes positive reinforcement the best way to train them.

    Like all dogs, their training should start early. As puppies, Kombais can be a little wilful and stubborn. But if you demonstrate your authority to them at that age, they will learn to respect it as they grow up. In terms of socialization, Kombai’s needs are minimal and it should be enough to take them on walks every day where they see and meet other people.   

    Diet and exercise 

    Feeding your Kombai is like feeding a family member in many ways. They have no difficulty digesting homemade food and can thrive on a primarily vegetarian diet as well. Just keep their meals rich in proteins and micronutrients, and they’re good to go. Another important rule is not to feed them too much saturated fat, salt, or sugar, as these are unhealthy to all animals.

    If you’re ready to feed them meat at home, make sure to offer it along with the bones for dental strength and growth.

    When it comes to exercise, the Kombai might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Owing to their athletic nature, this breed requires heavy exercise on a regular basis. Taking them on brisk walks (or jogs) twice a day is ideal, as long as you provide them enough space to play any time they feel like it. It’s important to note that the Kombai is not suited to life in an apartment and does best in homes with a yard to play in freely.

    Grooming and maintenance

    The Kombai is a single-coated breed with a dense but short-haired fur coat, and does not shed excessively. They also don’t require daily brushing or bathing. All they need is a medicated bath at home and nail clipping twice a month, and they’re good to go.

    There you have it. If you’re looking for an energetic and protective pet that’s also easy to manage, the Kombai can be a great pick for your household.

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    I agree with all contents..I have 10 …here to share some of Our "Bubli&Bublu’s Diets..They eat coconut, Pappaya,.They eat dried fruits.They used to play with coconuts for their dental health..They most likely fishes rather than meats..they eat all things that we used in home.Veg soup, Noodles, Chappathi, icecreams etc.They are brave warriors…they fight with leopards scare even elephants also..dedicate love to owners and their families..when we give order..defend/guard..they do till their last breath…we never tied their necks..we tied with love and our family members..high resistance to diseases/climatic conditions..they can swim even good current..Food is body can defend if they leap…We love Kombai…dedication..And thank full to Theni people who breed kombai dogs.


    Interested to keep this great Desi Dog along with my other pets

    R K Radhakrishnan

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